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Pre-Engineering, Bethel College Kansas

Exploring the Foundations: Pre-Engineering Pathway

Do you love separating existing things, putting them back together and using math and science to make things happen? Then this advising track is for you!

This advising track equips students with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles underpinning various branches of engineering, fostering a strong academic base for future success in the dynamic and innovative engineering field.

Why liberal arts

Bethel College doesn’t have a formal pre-engineering program/major, but you can launch from here.

  • solid foundation: chemistry, math, physics, programming
  • essential skills: public speaking, critical writing, active listening, solid questioning,
  • low faculty-student ratio that equals personalized mentoring and advising

This is important

  • It gives you an edge when you apply for graduate programs.
  • You’ll be able to figure out what your client wants and present your proposal in a way they’ll understand.
  • Engineering and all science are about interconnections – and that’s what you gain from a liberal arts education.


  • Pre-calculus
  • Not required but highly recommended: a strong high school science background that includes chemistry and physics

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Hands-on Learning

Recent undergraduate research project topics have included:

  • Possibilities for digital image correlation on biological materials
  • Analyzing the light curves of two variable stars
  • The Kirkwood gaps: Orbital characteristics and precession


Post-graduate careers include:

  • Mechanical
  • Civil
  • Chemical
  • Aerospace
  • Computer
  • Industrial


As a dual-degree student, you’ll complete most or all Bethel General Education requirements and most major requirements in three years and then transfer to any accredited engineering school. When you complete all Bethel requirements (by transferring hours to Bethel from the engineering school) and all engineering school requirements, you receive two baccalaureate degrees, one from each institution – making you more competitive in the job market.

All pre-engineering students work closely with an advisor to become familiar with the chosen engineering program as quickly as possible and ensure a smooth transfer.