Bible & Religion

At Bethel College, Bible & Religion is an essential area of study, where we strive to help you explore and prepare for a life of service.


Faith Formation

At Bethel College, we believe that faith formation is an integral part of a holistic education. Our courses in Bible & Religion and Youth Ministry are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of your own faith, as well as an appreciation for other religious traditions. Our experienced faculty will help you think critically, ask challenging questions, and grow in your faith.

Bible & Religion Program

In our Bible & Religion program, you’ll study the Bible and explore various theological perspectives. 

You’ll also gain a better understanding of how faith intersects with contemporary issues like social justice, ecology, and more. 

Our program provides an excellent foundation for anyone who is considering ministry, seminary, or simply wants to deepen their faith.

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Youth Ministry Program

With our Youth Ministry minor, you’ll learn how to engage with young people and help them navigate the challenges they face. You’ll develop leadership and communication skills and learn how to create programs that are both fun and meaningful. 

Whether you’re interested in working with youth in a church setting, a community organization, or as a teacher, our program will prepare you to make a positive impact in the lives of young people.

Bible & Religion Areas of Study

We believe that faith is something you live. That’s why we offer service opportunities and other experiences that help put your faith into action. Explore our Faith areas of study and live a life of purpose!

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