Bethel College


By telling the stories of others through plays, musicals and operas, theater artists will learn more about their own stories, ethics, values and dreams.

Theater at Bethel College is as distinct as the institution. Audition for a show or sign up for a class. You can participate as a Communication Arts major, a Theater minor, or as someone who is interested in trying your hand at the performing arts. Opportunities are open to all students interested in being on stage and/or behind the scenes. As part of a liberal arts education, theater fills an important role on campus and in the community by offering a unique perspective into the human experience.

The theater department has a celebrated history and is a significant part of the Bethel College story. In a typical year, the department presents two mainstage productions, including one play and one musical or opera. In addition, the Theater Direction and Production course provides opportunities for students to perform in smaller-scale productions directed by their peers. You will find professional and caring faculty who will encourage you to stretch yourself as a performer and a compassionate member of society, and work with you to ensure the highest quality productions.


Bethel offers the following:

COA 104/304 Theater Practicum

COA 201 Living in Performance

COA 210 Introduction to Theater

COA 333 Prison Theater Project

COA 335 Styles of Acting

COA 413 Theater Production and Direction

Bethel also offers speech and theater teacher licensure.

For more information on Bethel’s theater program, contact Damon Klassen, director of theater.