Bethel College

Housing and Dining

Where learning extends beyond the classroom (or library) door

Feel right at home and thrive on our bustling campus. Learn and live with a small group of your classmates in Haury Hall, Warkentin or Voth, and share the experience of becoming a college student.

Balance the rigors of your coursework with a calendar full of learning outside the classroom when visiting scholars, artists and authors share their unique perspectives or while hanging out in the Caf or The 1887 Cafe.

You’ll find your niche at Bethel from your first moments during Thresher Days orientation to your final days in your Voth Hall suite or with your mod-mates.

Form friendships and build an Instagram account full of experiences that will stay with you throughout life.

  • 2/3 of students live on campus
  • 90 campus acres
  • only 50% of tuition, room, and board price paid on average by full-time students

Residence Hall Options

Your growth from student to young professional will be fostered through a community built on mutual respect within our three residence halls. Located within easy walking distance of other campus buildings and each other, these offer their own living styles, personalities and charms.

  • Haury Hall: (required for freshman) Double-occupancy rooms in traditional residence hall format. Residents share common showers and restrooms. Features: communal fireplace; sun deck; game room; The Hub (lounge area); general open community feel.
  • Voth Hall: Three-story building with four-person suites, each with two bedrooms and private bathroom.
  • Warkentin Court: Modular, apartment-style living for groups of 7-9 students who share a bathroom and common living area.

Coordinator of Residence Life (CRL)

A Student Life professional will guide your residential experience, working to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable community. Community assistants (CAs) – students carefully selected for their ability to advise and help other residents in everyday situations – assist the CRL. CAs are role models and facilitators, who offer assistance and support the achievement of individuals as well as the community. They play a key role in creating an environment conducive to academic, personal and social growth among their fellow students.

Housing Requirements

All full-time students under the age of 23 are required to live in Bethel College residence halls and participate in the college dining hall plan. Exceptions to the policy include students living with their families, students who are married, single parents with children at home or students with permission from the vice president for student life. Any student not in compliance with the residential requirement and not having the approved exception is responsible for the normal room and board fees.

Campus Dining

Your interactions in Schultz Student Center – around tables in The Caf or over a cup of coffee down the hall in Mojo’s – account for some of the most important aspects of Bethel student life.