Bethel College

Center for Academic Development

In addition to offering academic support to students, the Center for Academic Development (CAD) also provides learning strategies and alternate evaluation procedures as a resource to faculty when requested.


You may seek personal tutoring in the CAD. Student tutors are available for all disciplines. You may come in for help during the tutor’s scheduled hours or request an appointment with Dan Quinlin in the CAD office.

ADA Services

It is the policy of Bethel College to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and other applicable federal and state laws that prohibit discrimination on the basis of disability. Bethel’s Center for Academic Development (CAD) provides reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with physical or learning disabilities (upon request) such as:

  • designing appropriate accommodations
  • liaison with faculty
  • liaison with the registrar to reassign a classroom
  • help in getting proper identification for national services
  • proctors or scribes for tests

Miscellaneous Services

  • Writing Center
  • Resource for test applications (GRE, GMAT, TOEFL)
  • GRE practice testing (Also see
  • Taping and note-taking services for those who have an extended illness or a death in the family or with ADA needs
  • Secure place for test-taking
  • Place for advanced math and science students to work on lab reports which need Mathematica and Systat

Helpful Links

The following links will take you to online writing labs (OWLs) where you will find useful information on grammar, résumés, cover letters, research papers, using inclusive language, appropriate writing styles, technical writing, the writing process, finding resources, resource documentation and even places where your writings can be submitted and critiqued.

Links to mathematics sites include help with college algebra, trigonometry, calculus, preparation for math exams and even elementary/developmental math skills.