Area of Study:

Sports Management

Sports Management, Bethel College Kansas

Love sports?

But you also know – it’s more than just a game.

Learn to navigate the business of sports by studying

  • Communication
  • Facility management
  • Marketing
  • Sport law
  • Sport finance
  • Sport ethics
  • The role of sport in culture

Bethel’s minor in sports management would pair well with a major in Business or Health and Physical Education, to name only two. Most importantly – it can help you enter the sports industry through many different doors and apply business management skills to the world of sport.

This minor provides

  • Theory of sports management
  • Practice in sports management
  • The next step toward a graduate degree in this field

Internships could be in (among other possibilities):

  • public and media relations
  • advertising
  • sales promotion
  • marketing
  • facilities management or administration

Coursework for the sport management minor will provide theoretical background and a range of practical experiences designed to enable graduates to be leaders in the sport and fitness industry or pursue further education at the graduate level.