Area of Study:

Interprofessional Health

Interprofessional Health, Bethel College Kansas

Collaborative Wellnessness

Collaboration is key. And that’s true in medicine – more than ever.

Increasingly, healthcare and mental healthcare providers work together in professional teams. These function best when each team member understands and appreciates the contributions of those with professional training different from her/his own.


The Interprofessional Health Studies minor brings students together with varied interests in health-related and human service.


With this minor, you will participate in an internship. A healthcare internship is a structured, hands-on learning experience within the healthcare industry that provides you with the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge in a real-world setting. These internships aim to give you practical exposure to the healthcare field, allowing you to develop valuable skills, gain industry insights, and explore potential career paths.

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  • Includes required courses in nutrition, healthcare ethics, biopsychology, and human service skills
  • Rounds out the hours (for a total of 16 credits) based on your interests – for example, athletic training, neuropsychology, counseling, social work, nursing or pathophysiology