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Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Sciences, Bethel College Kansas

Beyond Equations: Explore the Confluence of Math and Science

You love solving puzzles and are fascinated by numbers. Your determination makes you a persistent problem solver, always excited to tackle challenges. Without hesitation, you proudly identify as a math geek.

The wide world of Math at Bethel includes:

  • applied mathematics – what you use to solve a particular kind of problem or do a specific task
  • pure mathematics – the study of pattern and form, finite and infinite abstractions, logic and proofs
  • learning to “think mathematically.”
  • a general education/liberal arts curriculum that equips you with writing, speaking and communication skills that will carry you successfully through job interviews and graduate school applications after college

Plus fun!

Did you know… 

  • Bethel’s most famous math student is the perennial prankster Herman Bubbert, who enrolled in the 1950s and still hasn’t graduated?
  • Bethel math students have consistently performed well in state, regional and even national programming and mathematics competitions?
  • Bethel College is a charter member of the Kansas Section of the Mathematical Association of America?

Studying math is fun because it offers the thrill of unraveling intricate puzzles, providing a sense of accomplishment and a deeper understanding of the logical beauty that underlies the world around us.

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Area of Study Faculty:

Brenna Haines Photo

Brenna Haines

Assistant professor of mathematics / Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning
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Charles Haines Photo

Charles Haines

Instructor of software development
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Lisa Janzen Scott Photo

Lisa Janzen Scott

Associate professor of education and mathematics / Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)
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