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Beyond Boundaries: Explore the Journey of Pre-Med

You find intrigue in the intricacies of the human body and its functions. You embody patience and persistence, always prepared to learn from failures and persevere. You aspire to enhance lives, especially for those facing physical or mental distress and their loved ones.

Like most colleges and universities, Bethel doesn’t offer a specific “pre-med” major, but offers a pre-med track within our science majors. Medical schools are looking for applicants with a liberal arts background.

Though there isn’t a required major for pre-medicine, some common choices are:

Bethel’s liberal arts curriculum means you’ll complete college able to think critically, ask good questions, write and speak effectively.

50% of biology/natural science grads go on to earn their Ph.D. or M.D. degree – highest in the state of Kansas.


Your pre-med faculty adviser will

  • Assist you in discerning what interests you most about medicine;
  • Support you in figuring out where you’d like to go to medical school;
  • Work with you to put together the course of study.

Bethel’s size means you get personalized attention and the mentoring that leads you down your chosen path.


Collaboration is key. More and more, healthcare and mental healthcare providers work together in professional teams – that function best when team members understand and appreciate the contributions of those with professional training different from their own.

Bethel’s Interprofessional Health Studies certificate can add value to a pre-medical course of study.

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