Bethel College

International Students

On behalf of our faculty and staff, “Welcome to Bethel College!” We want to tell you that we are diligently planning for your arrival and are excited to welcome you to Bethel College this fall!

An exciting part of your Bethel College career is Thresher Days! This program is designed to prepare new Bethel College students to be successful members of our community.  You will learn about various campus offices and services, interact with other new students, and get to know faculty and staff outside the typical office or classroom setting.

Please return to the Bethel College website for schedule updates throughout the summer. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the Office of Student Life at (316) 284-5325.

We are excited you have chosen to be a Bethel College Thresher and are looking forward to a great year together!

Arrival Dates:

Step 1: Registration, Tuition & Payments

Review your account balance, pay your tuition and fees, learn about deadlines, and have a payment plan in place. Be sure to pay your tuition and fees before the start of the semester to avoid late fees. Please bring the following items to registration and contact the financial aid office with any questions:

  1. Medical Insurance Card
  2. Registration Packet
  3. Payment

Nicole Hein, Student Accounts, Ext. 233

Clark Oswald, Financial Aid Director, Ext. 232

Step 2: Immunization forms

Please send us a copy of your current immunization records. If any questions come up about submission, please get in touch with your admissions representative for more details on how to submit.

Step 3: Incoming Credit Evaluation

Taking courses the summer before you start at Bethel? Use our Free Credit Evaluator to see who they will transfer.

Step 4: Arrival to Campus

Details for arrival are coming soon. What to bring on move-in day?

Step 5: Get ready for your First Semester

International Student Information

Host Family Program: International Students are strongly encouraged to fill out this application and be paired with a Host family.