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Employment Experiences for Students

Employment experiences

Begin building your employment portfolio just steps away from your residence hall.

You’ll establish a work history as the reliable, capable employee your future boss wants on their team.

The Employment Experiences program offers the flexibility of working around your class schedule as well as the potential to build experience in your preferred line of work.


How it works

As an incoming freshman and based on your application materials, you’ll be placed in an entry level position on campus to learn and experience the basics of becoming a stellar employee.

Through valuable professional development workshops and interactive training sessions, you’ll soon see yourself advancing to roles on campus with more responsibility, allowing you to test your leadership capabilities.

This growth can propel you forward and give you the opportunity to be accepted into the Community Works portion of the Employment Experiences program. Here, partnering businesses will provide you with next level, real world work experience.  

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How do I get my first job? Do I get to pick where I work?

In your first semester, you will be placed in a position by the Employment Experiences Office. Here is how the process works:

  • You’ll complete the Job Area Ranking form and the MyMajors Assessment once you have deposited to the College as part of your admissions checklist. If you have prior work experience, you are encouraged to also submit a resume with supervisor contact information. 
  • Placements are determined on a rolling basis beginning April 1, based on the order of deposit and student information provided in the application process.
  • You’ll be required to attend a PREP (Pre-Registration and Employment Program) session prior to enrolling in classes. These virtual sessions are offered bi-monthly. 
When will I work? How will work fit with my classes?

It depends on the department you work in. If you work in an office, like Academics or Administration, your schedule would fit into 8:00 am – 5:00 pm for the most part. Departments like Campus Services, Maintenance, Security, or Athletics have a wider variety of scheduled work times, so you may work during the day, but might also work early morning, late night, or on weekends. Again, your class schedule will receive priority when your work schedule is made.

Will I have the opportunity to change jobs?

Absolutely! Open positions are advertised on campus through Handshake and any student can apply. Some jobs may require specific skills or experience. Students are eligible to change jobs at the end of each semester and heres how it works:

  • Students can apply through Handshake for any open position and are encouraged to visit with the supervisor of the department they wish to work in. 
  • At the end of the spring semester, any position not filled by a returning worker (someone who held the job that year) will be open to campus for student applications. 
How many hours per week do I work?

On average, you’ll work 5 hours per week, but this could vary by position.

Will I get paid?

Every student participating in Bethel’s Employment Experiences Program is paid through a work grant of $2,500 each year. At the beginning of the semester, a $1,275 is awarded to your account through Financial Aid and then each month as you work, the corresponding credit will be applied to your account. There is no paycheck, or funds exchanged, for the 80 program hours each semester.

What happens if I play a sport?

If you play a sport, you will need to provide your practice and game schedules to your supervisor. As the season progresses, you will need to stay in contact with your manager about potentially missing shifts for travel or games, or if a game needs to be rescheduled. It is extremely important that you communicate weekly with your department about your athletic schedule.

What about student organizations or other campus activities?

There are a variety of campus activities available for you to pursue personal interests. Some work assignments are more flexible than others when scheduling your work hours. You can talk to your supervisor to see if any conflicts can be avoided.

Practicums and Internships: if they are a required part of a current program’s curriculum, will they be considered part of the Employment Experiences program?

Students enrolled in an approved Professional Program (Teacher Education, Social Work, Nursing) placement or practicum may receive up to 160 Employment Experiences program hours based on the number of academic credits they will receive for the experience. Applicants for this option must have been enrolled at Bethel College full-time the prior semester, and have worked at least two full semesters in the Employment Experiences program. Students must submit a petition to the Dean of Employment Experiences during the semester before their placement or practicum is to begin to be considered for this option.

Transfer students: 2 semester prior requirement could be waived on a case-by-case basis in professional programs.

How do off-campus jobs work with Employment Experiences?

It is expected that the Thresher Way and each of the shared experiences be a priority to students. If performance in any of the shared experiences begins to wane, appropriate interventions may take place. As a student, you will be in charge of organizing your class and different work schedules. Your supervisor may be a resource to help you build a suitable schedule.

How is Employment Experiences any different from previous campus jobs?

Employment Experiences emphasizes intentionality and specific skill development for students. It will be rooted in an evaluation and assessment model that creates more of a  coaching/mentoring relationship between student and supervisor. It is less about day to day tasks and more about developing an intuitive work mindset. In addition, the Employment Experiences program is tailored to your unique interests and career goals.  

How will students demonstrate that they have mastered the skillset necessary to be successful in the workplace?

Similar to a student’s academic transcript, Bethel will create an employment transcript for each student. This transcript will detail a student’s employment experience throughout the duration of their college career. The transcript will delineate the level of the job along with skill acquisition mastered in each work experience. Notations for distinction and/or credentials earned will also be included. We anticipate that this document can be requested along with academic transcripts for prospective employers, graduate schools, etc.

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In addition to working with you on a four-year job plan, the Office of Employment Experiences can also assist you in your professional development. We offer free career assessments, job search training, career advising, and employer connections.