Bethel College

Student Clubs and Organizations

Be Involved!

With more than 16 clubs and organizations on campus, your opportunities to participate in campus life are limited only by your imagination.


BeLonGTo’s mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment for the LGBTIQA+ community, even anonymously, on campus. They strive to be a place where people can meet and be themselves. BelonGTo hosts their Pride Week, packed with fun and inclusive events each spring.

Instagram: bethel.belongto

Contact:, Angelika Donaldson

Bethel BBQ Club

The purpose of the Bethel BBQ Club is to spread peace and love through taste buds. They host various events on campus in collaboration with other student organizations.

Instagram: bethelbbqclub

Contact:, Isaiah Bartel


Named after the goddess of history, this student organization is aimed at history majors but is open to all students!

Contact:, Arthur Mahrer

The Collegian

The Collegian is Bethel’s flagship student-run newspaper and has been here since 1918. The Collegian aims to build conversation through connections to form a community.

Instagram: bethelcollegian

Twitter: BethelCollegian


Community for Justice and Peace

The Bethel College Community for Justice and Peace student organization is new to campus but is making big moves. Their mission is to foster thought and build community among Bethel College students to organize action that seeks justice, builds peace, and is in solidarity with marginalized and oppressed people. 

Instagram: bc_cjp

Twitter: bc_cjp

Contact:, Josue Coy Dick

Diversity Council (DivCo)

DivCo is one of Bethel College’s student organizations that promotes and celebrates diversity on campus. Some favorite events include College Fiesta, trivia nights, and the Women’s History Month fair.

Instagram: bc_divco

Twitter: BCDivCo

Contact:, Ashley SaJous

Environmental Action Club (EAC)

This student organization is dedicated to making the campus more environmentally friendly and educating our community.

Instagram: bethel_eac

Contact:, Clair Janssen


Femcore aims to make Bethel College a safe space for women and femmes on campus while promoting intersectional feminism. Some events they are known for around campus are the ‘Build Your Own Bag’ Night, Denim Day, and more!

Instagram: bethelcollegefemcore


Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

GSA is a club that works closely with BeLonGTo. Unlike BeLonGTo, GSA is open for straight allies to join in supporting our LGBTIQA+ community. 

Contact:, Angelika Donaldson

Golf Club

Are you passionate about golf but not able to join our athletic team? This is the club for you! 

Contact:, Josh Seabolt

HOSA – Future Health Professionals Club

New to campus this semester is HOSA! This club’s mission is to support and provide transferable opportunities for students in the health profession.

Contact:, Matthew Fleck

Table Top Club

Table Top Club is a role-playing games club, with games such as D&D and Magic the Gathering, and is a fun way to relax, unwind, and spend time with friends on campus. We will have our first meeting on Saturday, August 27th, in the William Academic Center at 8:00 to go over basic descriptions of the club and introduce everyone to it. We hope to see you there, and email me if you have any questions or wish to join. Enjoy the start of the year!

Contact:, Tristan England

Spikeball / Roundnet Club

An active organization where members play Spikeball. They host tournaments throughout the school year. You can find them playing on The Green! 

Contact:, Seth Rudeen

Social Work Club

Calling all social work majors! This club supports social work majors and those passionate about the work social workers do.

Contact:, Lindsey Pfannenstiel 

Student Activities Council (SAC) 

SAC is Bethel College’s student programming board. SAC’s goal is to have an event every week for BC students. Events range from hypnotists to dodgeball tournaments to craft nights and more!

Instagram: bethelcollegeks_sac

Twitter: bc_sac


YAWP! Literary Magazine

Each year, this student organization publishes the YAWP! Literary Magazine. Within its pages, you will find student submissions ranging from photography, artwork, poems and more!

Instagram: bethelcollege_yawp

Contact:, Allison Weaver