Bethel College

Spiritual Life

Think through and articulate your faith

You’re invited to practice your faith in service and mission to the world.

Uncover spiritual life on campus in nearly every pocket and hour of campus life. You’ll find your own spirituality formed as much in the classroom or lunchroom as in chapel or campus ministries.

Grow in articulating your faith and gain a deeper understanding and respect for one another through theological discussions triggered by a convocation speaker, a chapel service or simply your own soul searching.

Explore a spiritual life by contributing to and reflecting our vibrant, diverse and stimulating community.

Focus not on what but rather how to believe – while building relationships and learning to work with people who are different from you, skills essential for success in college and beyond.

  • 50%+ of student come from backgrounds other than Mennonite
  • 425+ service activities, annually
  • Discipleship: that prizes a high level of conviction and pursuit of authentic faith, Bethel values statement

Peace and Social Justice

Encounter a community built on an ethic of peace and social justice – the understanding that God is always on the side of the oppressed and marginalized when working toward a peaceful and just society.

Service Learning

Embrace an emphasis on service as evidence and fruit of faith. Give of yourself to deepen, stretch and challenge your spiritual life and prepare you to make real changes to better the world.

Student Chaplains

Student chaplains work with the campus pastor to monitor, support and encourage the development of a vital and vibrant spiritual life on the Bethel campus.