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Brad Born

Professor of English

Ad Building 2nd floor (205)

B.A., English, Tabor College, 1984
M.A., English, University of Kansas, 1987
Ph.D., English, University of Kansas, 1993

Dr. Brad S. Bornis an alumnus of Bethel College and Tabor College, and earned his Ph.D. in English from the University of Kansas. His teaching has spanned a wide range of topics in both American and English literature, literary theory, and topical courses in war literature, detective fiction, and sports literature as well as an international travel course to London focused on theater. His scholarly interests have focused on antebellum American literature, in particular literature of the sea and early African-American literature, and he has been a frequent presenter on those topics at conferences such as the International Melville Conference and the Sea Literature section of the national conference of the Popular Culture Association. His scholarly work beyond that sea literature focus has included essays and presentations on Mennonite writers, such as the 1930s Oklahoma novelist Gordon Friesen and the contemporary Canadian novelist Miriam Toews.