Bethel College

Hesston College Articulation Agreement

Bethel College assures the acceptance of any Hesston College Associate of Arts graduate as a baccalaureate degree-seeking student with junior standing.

Beginning with the Hesston College graduating class of 2001, Bethel College accepts the Associate of Arts degree as meeting the Bethel College lower level (100 and 200 level) general education requirements. All competencies and upper-level (300 and 400 level) general education requirements must be met on the same basis as any other Bethel College student. The Bethel College Cross-Cultural Learning requirement must be met during the junior or senior year.

Some Bethel College degree programs require specific general education and grade point average. Hesston College graduates entering these programs must meet these requirements to be part of these degree programs.

This agreement does not include the Hesston College Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences graduates. Bethel College will assess the records of those graduates on an individual basis.

Pastoral Ministries Program at Hesston

By special arrangement, graduates of the Hesston College Pastoral Ministries Program may transfer to Bethel to complete a bachelor’s degree under the following provisions:

  1. 70 hours can be transferred to Bethel from the Hesston Pastoral Ministries Program. Additional hours for courses beyond the 15 hours typically taken in the Hesston program that meet Bethel’s lower-level general education requirement may be transferred.
  2. Two religion courses (six credit hours) offered at Hesston that have been approved in advance by the Bethel College department of Bible and religion, taken by students in their sophomore year at Hesston with proper prerequisites, will be accepted for upper level credit.

For a more detailed account of transfer policy on this program, please see the Bethel College Registrar.