Heritage Roll of Honor

The Heritage Roll of Honor consists of people who have remembered Bethel College in their estate plans or through deferred gifts. Membership is open to those who indicate that they have made plans to provide for Bethel in their will or as a beneficiary of other life estate assets.

These friends of Bethel extend their influence far beyond their lifetimes. They help ensure the mission of Bethel College. They motivate others to do likewise. They assure foundations, companies, and accrediting agencies that Bethel College will exist for generations to come.

Since 2019, Bethel has received over $18 million in bequests, helping fund campus projects and initiatives and contributing to a solid financial base as the college faces a changing economic and demographic environment.

To add your name to the Heritage Roll of Honor, you may fill out our online form below, or contact Director of Development George Leary: 316-284-5226 or gleary@bethelks.edu.

Leaving a Legacy
Securing a Future

Jerry and Leann Toews

“Our experience at Bethel College changed the course of our lives. We both graduated in 1966. The faculty was excellent, qualified and committed to Bethel.

At the same time, they were always willing to sit down and take a personal interest in us as individuals. Both of our daughters graduated from Bethel years later. They too have many positive memories about the impact Bethel had on them. That is the reason why we feel so strongly that some of our gifts go to the college. Those gifts will make a difference in the lives of the students who are there now and those who come in the future.”

Carol and Ron Peters

“We believe that a Bethel College education demands academic excellence. Bethel features a diverse student body, small class sizes and personal relationships with professors. Participation in non-major experiences like music, theater, The Bethel Collegian, student government and sports enriches students. The opportunity to develop their own faith story is priceless.

We continue to learn through Bethel’s Life Enrichment program for senior citizens. We have entertained dozens of Bethel students in our home by having host students and their friends over. We enjoy the quality music programs, theater and lectures, and we attend sports events. Our donation to Bethel College is an investment in the futures of these amazing young people.”

Bruce and Meribeth Buhr

“We both experienced the personal touch and community that a small college like Bethel can afford. Teachers were committed and exemplary. We look back on our Bethel years as wonderful, stimulating times of transition from high school to responsible young adulthood. Friendships we developed at Bethel continue to enrich our lives. We wish future generations to have the same opportunity we did.

We believe Bethel’s emphasis on integrity, truth and critical thinking is sorely needed in our world. We want to do our part to support the continued role that Bethel plays in molding the members of future generations.”

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Informing us of your planned gifts will make a difference to the college, its programs, services, and most importantly, its students.

To add your name to the Heritage Roll of Honor, use the form below. If you are interested in learning more, please call us at 316-284-5226 or visit our Advancement Webpage.

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