Bethel College

African-American Alumni Association

The purpose of the African-American Alumni Association (AAAA), as stated in its charter adopted on April 13, 2002, is (1) to create mutually beneficial ties that renew and encourage ongoing relationships among African-American alumni and between those alumni and the college and (2) to strengthen and enhance the relationship of current African-American students with the college and the African-American Alumni Association. AAAA members include:

  • all African-American former students
  • all African-American current students
  • former and current host families of African-American students
  • African-American multicultural staff members

Reunions and Meetings

The association holds reunions on campus. The first occurred in February 2000, with subsequent reunions in April 2002, April 2004, October 2006 and October 2012.

In other years, members have gathered for a planning meeting at a location somewhere in the United States – Virginia Beach, Va., in April 2001; Chicago in April 2003; Dallas in April 2005; Kansas City in April 2007; and Orlando in June 2010.

Each gathering includes fellowship time, meals, interaction with current Bethel students and a business meeting.

AAAA also hosts a booth at Fall Festival and at football games, gives Kente stoles to graduating seniors and supports other special projects related to the association and multicultural life on campus.

Scholarship Program

In 2005, AAAA established the African-American Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, an endowment to support students of African-American heritage financially.

For more information, contact the alumni office.