Bethel College

Founders Scholarship

Bethel College’s New Program

The founders of Bethel College took bold action to charter a college in North Newton, Kan. in 1887. It cost them their money and their time. The first classes didn’t even start until 6 years later! 

We honor this legacy of the founding triumvirate Goerz-Krehbiel-Warkentin, whose vision, devotion, and loyal cooperation helped to create Bethel College. Their ideals expressed on the original Bethel College seal: faith, hope, and charity guide this scholarship.

Faith in our students to take advantage of the opportunities offered.

Hope in the power of a Bethel College education to transform lives.

Charity directed toward our rising generation who deserve a better education.

Scholarship recipients may have little in common with our founders from 1887, but for the belief that, despite the financial and time commitments, a Bethel College education is worth pursuing because it leads one to a meaningful life of work and service to others

We look forward to watching our graduates contribute to their own communities throughout their lives.

What is the Founders Scholarship?

It is a scholarship program that is a last payee scholarship to fill the gap of tuition. Funding is limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to those who meet all requirements. We have 10 spots available every year. Offers will be made Feb. 1.

If selected as a recipient, smaller previously awarded Bethel freshmen scholarships will be replaced with the Founders Scholarship. It is designed to cover remaining costs associated with tuition after applying all other gift aid, including waivers, scholarships and grants.

How to qualify?

  • Be recommended by their admissions counselor
  • Be admitted and have sent your FAFSA sent to Bethel College by Feb. 1
  • Have financial need, priority consideration will be given to students who are Pell Grant eligible
  • Do not plan to play a sport at Bethel College**

Students can reserve their spot in the program by paying the $200 enrollment deposit.

**College athletes are part of the fabric of Bethel College and we would be excited for you to be a Thresher! We have athletic scholarships that we can help you pursue.

How to apply?

  1. Apply to Bethel College –
  2. Complete your application checklist items –
  3. Submit your FAFSA to BC – using our code: 001905

If we receive your completed application before Feb. 1, and you meet the qualifications, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship!