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Seek. Serve. Grow.

Bethel College, KS

4-Year Guarantee

Tour Bethel Campus

A campus tour is a great way to determine whether Bethel College is right for you. Can’t make it to campus? Then join us on our virtual tour.

4-Year Guarantee

Pay less, earn sooner

Almost two out of three state university graduates will pay substantially more for their college education than Bethel students. Do the math…

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

For 125 years, Bethel has provided excellence in the classroom combined with quality out-of-class learning opportunities, immersing you in hands-on activities where your experience is at the heart of the learning process. Where would you like to put your knowledge to work?

Did you know?

Based on return on investment, Bethel ranks ahead of Wichita’s public university and is the only Kansas private college ranked in Who else ranks Bethel at the top of their list?

Service Learning

Serve regional communities with teammates. Spend spring break assisting hurricane victims. Travel to developing countries to learn and serve. Earn scholarships for dedication to service. How will you make your community, your world a better place?

Common Ground


A recent survey found 93% of employers agreed that a candidate’s capacity to think critically, communicate clearly and solve complex problems is more important than undergraduate major. Learn how our NEW Undecided Major program can prepare you for your first job and next career.

    Finish the semester — with a home basketball game tonight (Dec. 8), vs. Southwestern: men’s JV at 4 p.m., varsity women at 6 p.m. (watch live), varsity men at 8 p.m. (watch live).

    Interterm and spring classes for audit — If there’s a Bethel class you’ve been wishing you could take, check to see if it’s available for audit, and enroll now!

    Apply today! — Do you: Attend a Kansas high school, a Mennonite high school, or a Mennonite church? Participate in Upward Bound or AVID? Are you a legacy student? You are guaranteed $50,000 in scholarship money.

    Now available — The Bethel College-Kansas mobile app is designed to serve all members of the Bethel community, from alumni to current students to parents. Download it from your app store today!

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