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Seek. Serve. Grow.

I love the community here at Bethel. We are a 500-member support group. I am going to miss that more than anything.
Elizabeth Shelly ’12

Employee Directory: Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt

Andrew Schmidt

Admissions Counselor
About Andrew:

Growing up in a community just down the road in Hesston, KS, I was always aware of Bethel but hardly considered it a destination for higher education until my senior year of high school. Upon taking an official visit my eyes were opened to the diversity of campus life, rich academic traditions, as well as a faculty and staff who genuinely shared a passion for my future. At the time I was primarily interested in playing football and pursuing a degree in the sciences, however I soon realized how much more there was to experience and Bethel became the clear choice for my next step in life.

One of my greatest interests is meeting and interacting with others and Bethel provided the perfect forum for just that. Over the course of the next several years I met countless individuals, many of whom will be lifelong friends, through experiences in playing football, campus life, and academics. Many of those individuals came from backgrounds similar to myself before arriving here, while many others came from completely different geographical, family dynamic and religious settings. Through my time here as an undergraduate I felt myself grow as a student, athlete, friend and Christian and as time went on it became clear that this was now my home, despite growing up only seven miles away.

I came to Bethel somewhat narrow minded, however I was pushed to grow, encouraged to think critically, and inspired to seek new understanding of the world around us. In doing so I gained a much broader perspective on the place God has for each of us and I continually try to utilize that each and every day. Working in Admissions at Bethel serves as a great opportunity to communicate my enthusiasm and experiences with others and possibly help them initiate a similar experience in their own lives. I am very grateful to be part of the Bethel staff and work along side many of the special people who impacted me in many ways. Currently I serve the territories of northern Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, as well as most of the Atlantic seaboard states.

When not directly working in Admissions I enjoy staying active through many forms of physical fitness, reading, exploring the outdoors and staying connected with friends and family. I am a firm believer we are never old until we stop learning and Bethel's push to help others "Seek, Serve, Grow" embodies that in so many ways. Go Threshers!