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Wesley Goodrich

Hometown: Independence, Kansas
Major: Pre-med Biology
Class: 2014

What’s your major? Why did you choose it?
Biology, because I love learning about the functions and processes that sustain life.
What brought you to Bethel?
I had absolutely no ties or connections, and I didn’t know any of the students, but everyone was so courteous and cordial that it felt like a place I could belong.
What activities have you been involved in?
Tennis, Food committee, Student senate, NAMI, Bubberts videos, Swing Dancing Club, Student ambassador, Resident Assistant, registrar’s assistant, Astronomy observatory leader, Aladdin food service publicist and omelet maker.
How are you different now from when you first arrived on campus?
Bethel has really helped make me more confident in accepting and working in positions of higher responsibility and has cultivated my social and leadership skills.
For what are you most proud of Bethel?
The professors and staff that work so hard to accommodate and help students with their specific needs. They help them succeed.
How would you like to see Bethel change or improve in the next five years?
I would like to see more resources go to residence and student life so as to make living on campus an unforgettable experience.
What has been your favorite course so far, and why?
Biopsychology and Health has been my favorite class because it covered material based around how the mind and brain can physiologically alter the body. The class covered a subject I was already very curious about and Dwight presented the material in a very organized and manageable manner.
Tell a quick story about a memorable moment from your Bethel days.
The most unforgettable experience I have had thus far at Bethel was during Spring break my Sophomore year. I was the only non-social work major going on the trip to New Mexico. But we packed ourselves in a 15 passenger van, and I was able to really get to know people I might not have otherwise. I was privileged to see some of the most amazing sights the Southwest has to offer as well as meet and learn from the Navajo people.
What does it mean to be a Thresher?
To me being a Thresher means coming out of my comfort zone and learning to push myself to the very limits of my being. It means more than just being a college student; it requires you to interact and become a part of a community and understand that we have the power to take control of our own lives, while not forgetting God and where we come from.

About Bethel

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