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Student Employment

Begin building your resume – and your reference list – just steps away from your residence hall.

Establish a work history as the reliable, capable employee your future boss wants on their team.

On-campus employment often offers the flexibility of working around your class schedule as well as the potential to build experience in your preferred line of work. Your positive working relationship with your campus supervisor can yield positive references when you apply for jobs post-graduation.

Boost your resume and possibly your pocketbook. Contact Megan Kershner or stop by the Career & Leadership Development Office (CLDO) Will Academic Center #215.

View current campus job openings.

How do I get a job?

  1. Look for a campus job and complete an Employment Application
    When the Career & Leadership Development Office (CLDO) receives your application, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions for what to do next. Your application will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor, who may decide to interview you. If hired, you will complete a student employee contract with the supervisor and sign a job description.

    The CLDO e-mails new job listings periodically throughout the school year, and keeps all student applications on file for the current academic year. You can ask to have your application sent to any supervisor to review for their available openings, without having to fill out a new application.

  2. Complete the required student employment paperwork.
    You will need to make an appointment with the CLDO to complete the W-4, K-4 and I-9 paperwork, which are required to get you on payroll, and must be completed before you start working and within three days of signing the student employment contract. You fill these forms out only once in your time at Bethel. In order to complete them, you will need to show proper forms of identification, which are outlined on the I-9 form (by law these forms must be originals – no faxes or photocopies can be accepted). For additional assistance with the forms, please contact the CLDO director.

  3. Finally, pick up a timesheet and pay schedule at the Business Office.
    During the initial appointment, CLDO staff will briefly run through with you how to complete a Bethel timesheet and expectations of working on campus. Incorrectly filled out timesheets may delay your paycheck.

Turn your time sheet(s) into the Business Office (Ad Building 1 floor, east side) on the 16th of each month. (The pay period goes from the 16th of one month to the 15th of the next.) Work recorded on the time sheet must coincide with the dates on your signed contract. Time sheets should be turned in every month and not accumulated.

On payday (typically the 26th of each month), go to the Business Office to pick up your check or endorse it over to your student account.

You may choose to apply your earnings toward your student account, once you receive approval from Karen Garcia in the Office of Financial Aid/Student Accounts.

Your ability to directly apply your student employment income to your student account depends upon:

  • a completed, current-year student employment contract on file
  • the number of hours on the contract
  • the success of your previous semester’s or year’s work
  • any outstanding payment obligations
Note: A first-year student will be considered for this payment plan once they have completed a semester of  successful work experience.

Bethel College student employees are expected to:

  • Work according to the schedule outlined by the supervisor.
  • Be on time.
  • Notify your supervisor as soon as possible if you are unable to work or need to change your work schedule.
  • Fulfill work responsibilities and tasks effectively and efficiently as required by each supervisor.
  • Wear attire appropriate to the job being performed (if you are unsure what "appropriate" is, ask your supervisor).
  • Accurately report hours worked on the time sheets in increments of 15 minutes. For example, if you work from 8:55-10:40, this should be recorded as 9-10:45. (Deliberate falsification of hours worked is cause for immediate dismissal.)
  • Foster and maintain a positive working relationship with your supervisor and peers on the job.
  • Clarify problems or misunderstandings as soon as possible.

The purpose of the warning system is to encourage the student and the supervisor to identify, discuss and resolve job performance concerns.

In the event of unsatisfactory job performance or behavior, your supervisor will notify you through counseling (talking with you) or coaching techniques (suggestions for improvement).  If you feel you need additional training to perform your job adequately, please inform your supervisor.  Continued concerns from your supervisor will result in warnings or infractions.  Students are allowed, but not guaranteed, up to three infractions before termination. 

Supervisors will keep a record of all attempts to talk to or contact you, and specifically what they have asked you to do to correct the unsatisfactory job performance or behavior.  Copies of the documentation will be placed in your student employment file. 

If your job performance continues to be unsatisfactory after counseling and a reasonable opportunity to improve, you may be terminated from the position. 

What happens if I lose my job?

If dismissed from work for poor job performance, the student will not be able to interview for another position for the rest of that semester. If a student is using their earnings for fee payment and is dismissed for cause, any outstanding bill becomes immediately due and is subject to late fees and interest charges.

What happens if I quit my job?

Student employees who decide to terminate their employment for personal reasons are expected to give their respective supervisors and the director of Career Services two weeks’ notice of this decision. Unless there are special circumstances to be considered, the student will not be able to interview for another position for the rest of that semester.

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