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Research Group Team Leader

Dwight A. Krehbiel
Number of Positions Available:
Possible Openings Anytime During the Academic Year.
2-5 wk/10-20 mo

Description Help to oversee and guide research group members’ work on the phenomena of interest; help to plan, create and conduct studies of the phenomena of interest; assist in preparing study set-ups; assist in study data crunching; assist in writing up and presenting results; etc.


Must be a Psychology Major; must have been a member of the research group of which they are now the Team-Leader, for at least one year, preferably two years; must have had a varied psychology research experience in Psychology courses, labs, or independent research; must have shown motivation and interest in the phenomena under consideration; must have had a Statistics course, and considerable statistical experience.


While carrying out the duties of this job, student employees will develop the following work skills:

  • Student will demonstrate leadership skills by working well with others, understanding and directing people.
  • Student will demonstrate responsibility skills through satisfactory, thoughtful, and timely completion of assigned tasks.
  • Student will demonstrate dependability skills as measured by punctuality and reliability in attendance.
  • Student will demonstrate cooperation and teamwork skills by working well with others in harmony.
  • Student will demonstrate creative skills through sharing of new ideas and finding new approaches to problems.
  • Student will demonstrate proficiency in use of tools and job-related equipment.
  • Student will demonstrate project management skills through organization or prioritization of tasks.