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To be a Thresher is to be something greater than yourself.
Brian Skinner ’12

Student Activities and Engagement

An important part of a liberal arts education is the learning that occurs through association with people of differing backgrounds. Bethel College is committed to offering you a diverse campus culture that reflects a range of racial, cultural and ethnic traditions.

We aim to foster a campus community characterized by compassion, respect, ethical concern and social responsibility. By living among people of sometimes radically divergent ways of thinking, you can learn to evaluate your own background against new ideas and ways of relating to others. In our Bethel College community, we value the richness that comes from a range of individual differences, including dimensions of age, culture, education, ethnicity, exceptionalities, gender, geographical origin, language, politics, race, religion, sexual orientation and socioeconomic status.

GCN $50,000 Scholarship Guarantee

Attendees of the Gay Christian Network conference in Denver during January 2018 who are currently attending high school are guaranteed $50,000 in institutional scholarships over four years when they enroll at Bethel College.

You’re not required to live on campus if you live at home, and federal and state funds can be stacked on top of this scholarship for those who qualify. Standard admissions requirements apply.

Complete your application and take the first step toward earning your GCN Scholarship.

Department of Student Activities and Engagement

In order to demonstrate the vision and mission of the Office of Student Life, the Department of Student Activities and Engagement is dedicated to enhancing the dynamic student experience outside the classroom by creating a supportive and inclusive environment on campus that complements the academic experience; with the understanding that students who participate in co-curricular activities will ultimately achieve an enhanced collegiate experience and in doing so, contribute as active participants to improve the global community.

Opportunities in the Student Activities and Engagement program serve as a catalyst for all students to:

  • Experience
  • Define
  • Collaborate
  • Develop
  • Enhance