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Seek. Serve. Grow.

Bethel truly is a place that shapes the person, while allowing each person to help shape Bethel, even if only a small bit.
Adam Robb ’05

Student Chaplains

Student chaplains work with the campus pastor to monitor, support, and encourage the development of a vital and vibrant spiritual life on the Bethel campus.

Meet the student chaplains

Leland Brown Leland Brown: I am a sophomore from Galveston, Texas. I come from a very strict Southern Baptist household with my two loving grandparents, Andrew and Dorothy Williams. I have an older brother and sister and two little nephews. At Bethel I participate in forensics, concert choir, and I also am a Student Ambassador. My hobbies include writing poetry, and listening to music. If you ever want to talk to me, just come and find me. I love to converse.

Natasha Orpin Natasha Orpin: I am a senior, business administration major from Moundridge, Kan. I play clarinet in the Wind Ensemble and participate in Service Corps, M-2 (a prison visitation program), as well as a number of other campus groups. Honestly, this student chaplaincy has me more than a bit anxious. How do I make myself available to a student body of nearly 500 members? What does that look like? However, I excitedly look forward to discovering new ways in which to interact and get to know these members as a fellow student, not as someone who is anything other than an ordinary sinner. In the year ahead I can only send up a nervous prayer that God’s will be done through this leadership role I have been given.

Jerrell Williams Jerrell Williams I’m a junior out of Garland, Texas. I play football and run track. I’ve been a Christian for around five years, and I was raised in a Baptist church. I was a youth intern for First Baptist Church of Garland my first summer after college. This past summer I worked as a missionary on the Prairie Band Potawatomi reservation near Topeka. There I worked with two other missionaries and did many community projects while sharing the Gospel. At Bethel, I am a Resident Assistant, Student Ambassador, and a Student Chaplain. I love to listen to contemporary worship music and Christian rap. Jimmy Needham is by far my favorite contemporary artist. I am also a huge fan of video games. If you ever want to challenge me on the Xbox, just let me know. My favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, because it confirms that we can do anything with God on our side. I hope to meet you soon. Trust and Enjoy.