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Seek. Serve. Grow.

Bethel truly is a place that shapes the person, while allowing each person to help shape Bethel, even if only a small bit.
Adam Robb ’05

Spiritual Life Activities

The spiritual life of Bethel College contributes to and reflects our vibrant, diverse and stimulating community life. Many students, staff or faculty members would add that their spiritual life is formed as much in the classroom or lunchroom as in chapel or campus ministries. At Bethel, our faith is routinely challenged by a roommate or student, staff person or professor. Because of this, we all grow in articulating our faith and in gaining more understanding of and respect for one another. Sometimes a convocation speaker may trigger a theological discussion; other times a chapel speaker or chapel service prompts conversation, or simply your own soul searching.

In other words, “spiritual life” on the Bethel campus occurs in nearly every pocket and hour of campus life. Bethel College is uniquely equipped both to challenge and to nurture the spiritual life of its students, faculty and staff members, given our commitment to our spiritual life and our diverse community. Bethel students are trained to think through and articulate their faith even as they are invited to practice it in service and mission to the world.