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Student Life

Clubs and Organizations

With more than 20 clubs and organizations on campus, your opportunities to participate in the life of campus are limited only by your imagination.

Contact: Kaci Wilson or Meredith Lehman; Kendall Hiebert or Viviana Rodriguez
BeLonGTo is an anonymous group for students who identify as LGBTQIA+ or questioning. We want to provide a support group for students, particularly those who do not feel ready/safe to come out. We are also looking to take on the role of a gay-straight alliance and to involve a larger portion of the community.
The Bethel Collegian
Contact: Christine Crouse-Dick; Bethany Powls
The Collegian is the official newspaper of Bethel College, and serves as a medium for communication to the student body and the college community by publishing news stories concerning current campus, national and international events of interest to the student body. The Collegian functions as a learning tool by providing Bethel students with opportunities to develop their organizational, financial, journalistic and graphic design skills.
Bethel Gospel Choir
Contact: Peter Goerzen
The Gospel Choir is a musical group organized by students in hopes of creating a space for an alternative style of worship and praise, while cultivating a supportive community. This is a space for anyone, with an emphasis on students of color, who wants to work with a group focused on the Gospel and an alternative/improvisational style of music. The group offers another layer of diversity at Bethel, and a gateway into developing and celebrating new cultures.
Clio (history club)
Contact: Mark Jantzen; Jaxie Gerk
Clio hosts various history-themed activities and events for students, such as museum trips, showings of movies with historical themes, and other opportunities with historical and sociological value.
Diversity Council
Contact: Ana Parra; Linda Moyo
The Diversity Council, under the Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Branch, is the campus diversity board, made up of ambassadors from each cultural organization who serve in the best interest of Bethel’s diverse population. Diversity Council is charged with implementing programs and services that create a safe and inclusive environment for each student and member of the community.
Environmental Action Club
Contact: Jon Piper; Mia Loganbill 
Promotes ecology and seeks to increase awareness of how to preserve the earth’s resources.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Contact: Tony Hoops; Chase Anderson
Provides athletes and all students bi-weekly opportunities for fellowship, food and fun.
Contact: Christine Crouse-Dick or Jennifer Chappell Deckert
FemCore is a feminist collective that brings awareness to gender and social issues on a campus, state, national and global scale, and stands as an advocacy group and a safe space.
International Student Club
Contact: Larry Rice; Joshua McBeth or Matheus Tavares
Wishes to introduce different cultures and bring diversity to the Bethel campus. This club will increase understanding of many cultures from around the world and within the United States.
Music Club
Contact: Joel Boettger; Caleb Abbot
Outdoors Club
Contact: Zach Esau
For advanced and experienced anglers, or anyone who wants to learn more about fishing. Also for anyone who wants to have an excuse to go outside.
Registered Student Organization Council
Contact: Ana Parra; Ahmed Fall
The RSO Council is composed of one voting member from each active registered student organization and serves in an advisory capacity to the SGA in matters relating to RSO policies, procedures and guidelines. Typically, the president, chair or director of each organization will represent it, but that person may send a designee to RSO Council meetings.
RPG Club
Contact: Nathan Kroeker; Capri Stevenson-Bisom
RPG Club is a place where students can come and unwind with role-playing game like Dungeons & Dragons or Call of Cthulhu. Students can be as involved as they wish: casually come to sessions; DM a mission; fit an individual schedule/workload to find the time and place needed to relax and play some games.
Student Activities Council (SAC)
Contact: Ana Para; Camryn Harrison
SAC, under the SGA Executive Branch, is the campus programming board, responsible for campus events and entertainment. SAC plans and produces activities for the entire campus, such as Week of Welcome, Spring Fling, the Bubbert Awards, and much more. Any student who enjoys event planning and entertainment is welcome to join SAC.
Student Government Association (SGA)
Contact: Ana Para; Alayna Wallace
Made up of representatives from every class as well as non-traditional students, and from campus organizations; responsible for allocating funds to student clubs, organizing activities and advocating for student rights.
SGA Executive Council
Contact: Ana Para; Alayna Wallace
The Executive Council is charged with oversight of all student organizations and working to address student concerns and issues to increase the overall student experience at Bethel College. The Executive Council sets the tone for the entire SGA and represents the student interest at the faculty, staff, administration, Board of Directors and community levels. The Student Body President and Vice President are elected each spring and a cabinet of four Secretaries are appointed each year to carry out the mission of the SGA.
SGA Judicial Council
Contact: Ana Para; Jaxie Gerk
The Judicial Council serves as adjudicators for the student body. Charged with implementing the Student Conduct Process and assigning sanctions to students who violate policies, the Judicial Council carries out the Code of Conduct for all students and the community.
SGA Student Senate
Contact: Ana Para; Kalynn Wiles
The Senate addresses and develops policies that impact the student experience. Charged with oversight of the Student Activity Fee and services provided by the SGA, the Senate works to set the student experience each year. A total of 14 senators are elected to serve on the Senate with representation from each class, the student body at large and the commuter population.
Student Social Work Organization
Contact: Jennifer Chappell Deckert; Briley Young
SSWO offers students the opportunity to learn more about the social work profession. It provides opportunities to participate in service to the community and advocacy for social justice, and to join together with like-minded students in social and educational activities.
Contact: Siobhán Scarry
Bethel College’s online student-run creative journal with features in creative writing, visual art, music, video and other creative media. Accepts original entries from Bethel College students, faculty, staff and alumni.

About Bethel

As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.