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Please remember that we are here to help you with campus employment and career goals. If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment to talk about campus jobs or any other work- or career-related issues, please contact Megan Kershner in Experiential Learning and Career Services.

Work Expectations

Bethel College student employees are expected to:

  • Work according to the schedule outlined by the supervisor.
  • Be on time.
  • Notify your supervisor as soon as possible if you are unable to work or need to change your work schedule.
  • Perform work responsibilities and tasks effectively and efficiently as required by each supervisor.
  • Focus on skill-building expectations detailed in the job description.
  • Accurately report hours worked on the time sheets in increments of 15 minutes. For example, if one works from 8:55–10:40, this should be recorded as 9:00–10:45. (Deliberate falsification of hours worked will be cause for immediate dismissal.)
  • Foster and maintain a positive working relationship with your supervisor and peers on the job.
  • Clarify problems or misunderstandings as soon as possible.


The purpose of the warning system is to encourage the student and the supervisor to identify, discuss and resolve job performance concerns.

First infraction: If a supervisor is dissatisfied with a student’s job performance, a written warning will be issued. (A copy will be filed in the student employee’s personnel file.)

Second infraction: Will result in a second written warning. (A copy will be filed in the student employee’s personnel file.)

Third or a more severe infraction: Will result in immediate dismissal from the job at the discretion of the supervisor.


All students will receive performance evaluations by their direct supervisors once each year to enhance their employment experience and to provide a formal communication and review that parallels professional experiences. Evaluations will be conducted using an Evaluation Form, which focuses on measurement of the identified job skills for the position. Copies of this signed form will be provided to the Office of Career Services and Student Employment for record-keeping and reference purposes.

What happens if I lose my job?

If a student is dismissed from work for poor job performance, the student will not be able to interview for another position for the duration of the semester. If a student is using his or her earnings for fee payment and is dismissed for cause, any outstanding bill becomes immediately due and is subject to late fees and interest charges.

What happens if I quit my job?

Student employees who decide to terminate their employment for personal reasons are expected to give their respective supervisors and the director of student employment two weeks notice concerning this decision. Unless there are special circumstances to be considered, the student will not be able to interview for another position for the duration of the semester.

About Bethel

As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.