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Bethel announces 2014 football signings

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. – Bethel College Head Football Coach Martin Mathis is pleased to announce the 2014 signing class.

This class consists of 20 junior college transfer students and more than 70 incoming freshmen.

“We have recruited the nation to bring in good, talented student-athletes,” Mathis said. “These athletes represent a tremendous outpouring of time and effort by the Bethel football staff.”

Mathis praised assistant coaches Chi-Emeke Worthington and Reilly Murphy for their “tireless effort and hard work.”

Worthington coordinated recruit visit days throughout the fall as the team’s recruiting coordinator, in addition to his on-field coaching duties. Murphy played a significant role in recruiting both transfers and freshmen.

Mathis, building on his recruiting experience from Marian University, Indianapolis (2012 NAIA national champions), and the University of Minnesota, has worked to create a strong team culture and effective recruiting effort.

Transfers who have already started at Bethel in the spring 2014 semester are “jelling well with our team during winter conditioning,” Mathis said. They join a Thresher team that posted its best record in recent history last fall.

Feb. 6, National Signing Day, begins the Bethel College signing period. Thresher coaches will continue to recruit nationally to complete their roster.

Current new signees with Bethel College Thresher football:


James Purvin, FB

Deshawn Morton, OL

Sheldon Bayliff, LB

Richard Linares, OL

Marcus Haigler, WR

Robert Purvin, LB

Carlos Dickerson, DE

Brandon Steed, QB

Joshua Ross, RB

Hunter Long, LB

Ryan Pyles, QB

Irshad Stolden, WR

Gregory Parham, WR

Joshua Lewis, WR

Syn John Sears, CB

Kyler Johston, TE/DL

Delvert Emerenciano, LB

Siosifa Vea, DE/LB

Daniel Musika, OL

Josh Gerstenberger, OL


*$ denotes Safety

Garrett Lindley, DL

Brett Mathis, K

Jesse Solis, DE

Lester Darrah, DL

Storm Myer, DL

Eugene Alexander, OL

Dalton Myer, DB/RB

Devonta Vandergrift, RB

Jaquise Fifer, DL/OL

Jacques Edgar, RB

Daniel Washington, LB

Austin Biggerstaff, DB/WR

Elijah Holmes, LB

Alex Dillard, OL/DL

John Harris-Scott, $/TB

Khmaree McCray, $

Isaac Salazar, $

Tristen Wesley, CB/$

Da’Ron Gillis, DE/LS

Chancellor Mitchell, WR

Roni Alvarado, DL

Krishan Duncan, QB

Gary Jolivet, WR

Joey McLeod, OLB

Corbyn Johnson, DE

Chris Thomas, RB

Domingo Dahn, WR/RB

Jordan Mutcherson, MLB

Alexander Dettmer, K

Trey Gothard, DE

Kameron Pitts, CB

Ty Napier, $/RB

Marcus Jordan, DE

Victor Levia, TE

Giomani Davis, TB

Adam Wolfe, TB

Nicholas Loverde, FB/LB

Jaquan Foster, WR/DB

Adriel Howard, CB

Tequency James, DL

Patrick Donnell, LB/LS

Justin Wynn, CB

Charleston Hooker, WR

Calvin Martin, CB/$

Ladarius Wooten, CB/$

Tristen Wesley, CB/$

Cordarius Anderson, RB

Troy Stuard, CB/WR

Lavell Jackson, CB

Rico Simmons, $

Cameron Precise, OL

Chris McConnell, DE

Samuel Dunbar, DT

Charles Johnson, QB

Jhonny Guyeman, OL

Marcus Duart, WR

Selah Fontenot, OL/DL

Dekovin Antoine, OL/DL

Spenser Smith, DB

Xavier PittmanDB

Chris WinklerOL

Louis Mercado, CB

Freddie Thomas, WR/DB

Derrick Mayfield, CB

Tahjay Brown, LB

Darrias Lightfoo, tRB

Juanyae Wilson, DT

Darius Phelps, RB/$

Raymond Bell, DB/RB

Joseph Mackey, CB/FB

Keaten Key, WR

Melvin Mcleod, OL

Bethel College is the only private, liberal arts college in Kansas listed in the 2013-14 analysis of top colleges and universities in the United States, and is the highest-ranked Kansas college in the Washington Monthly annual college guide for 2013-14. The four-year liberal arts college is affiliated with Mennonite Church USA..

In sports, Bethel competes within the 10-school Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference and the NAIA. For more information, see and

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