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Symposium to highlight undergraduate research

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. – Bethel College’s annual Undergraduate Research, Internships and Creative Activity (URICA) symposium will take place on campus Saturday, May 10.

The public is invited to any session of interest. There is no charge. Presentations begin at 9 a.m. and will end around 12:40 p.m. with a break for refreshments midway.

One group will present in Krehbiel Science Center (KSC) Room 121, moderated by Christine Crouse-Dick, assistant professor of communication arts. From 9-9:20, Caley Ortman, senior from Marion, S.D., will present “The Influence of Dante on Modern Day Concepts of Hell.” He was the recipient of a 2007 Bethel College summer research grant. From 9:20-9:40, Caitlin Buerge, senior from Kansas City, Mo., will present “Healing Words: The Power of Catharsis through Stuyvesant High School’s with their eyes.” From 9:40-10, Matthew Root, junior from Topeka, will present “Ravening Wolves are Amongst Us: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ Excommunication of Six Intellectuals and Feminists.”

A second group, moderated by Larry Friesen, professor of social work, will present in KSC 016. From 9-9:20 Michael Unruh, senior from Peabody, will present “Snakes on the Plains: A Study of Snake Diets in Eastern Kingman County.” He received a 2007 summer research grant. From 9:20-9:40, Susan Schmeichel, junior from Hurley, S.D., and Kezia Hesed, junior from Pawnee Rock, will present “Analysis of Dominance Factors in Alpacas.” From 9:40-10, Miriam Friesen, senior from Filley, Neb., will present “Becoming Better Men: A Comparison of Self-Improvement and Masculinity in Two Kansas Civilian Conservation Corps Camps.” She also received a 2007 summer research grant and her paper was named Bethel’s Outstanding History Senior Seminar for 2008.

Paul Lewis, professor of psychology, will moderate the third group in Room 203 of the Old Science Hall (SH). From 9:-9:20, Jordan Penner, senior from Reedley, Calif., and recipient of a 2007 summer research grant, will present “Gaining a Voice: Hispanic Mennonites in America.” From 9:20-9:40, Cari Holliday, senior from Andover, will present “?Más allá de su poder?: El empoderamiento de los marginados en La casa de los espíritus por Isabel Allende y Treinta años por Carmen Boullosa” (“Beyond His Power: The Empowerment of the Marginalized in The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende and Leaving Tabasco by Carmen Boullosa”; please note that this presentation is entirely in Spanish). Holliday received a 2007 summer research grant. From 9:40-10, Melinda Stucky, senior from Goessel, will present “Green House Project at Asbury Park: Perceptions of Living and Working Environments.”

The fourth group will be moderated by Ada Schmidt-Tieszen, professor of social work, in SH 305. From 9-9:20, Braden Dragomir, senior from Salt Spring Island, B.C., will present “Gamekillers: A Semiotic View of Humor and Satire in the Axe Ad Campaign.” From 9:20-9:40, Aimee Siebert, sophomore from Topeka, will present “Gender Roles in Posters of 2007 Academy Award-Winning Films.” From 9:40-10, Brittany Baker, junior from Kingman, will present “A Computer Search Engine Selects Music Predictive of Pleasant Moods and Emotions but Not of Liking,” which she also presented at that National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) earlier this spring. From 10-10:20 Daniel Graber, senior from Marion, S.D., will present “Johann Sebastian Bach’s Magnificat: The Background and History.”

From 10-11, there will be refreshments in KSC Atrium and all are invited to view the research posters displayed in the Ad Building chapel. Most of the posters are by senior nursing students, as follows: Michele Pennington, “Cultural Health Care of American Chinese”; Kristina Gomez, Amanda Hayes, Rachel Pederson, and Jason Santiago, “Cultural Health Care of Egyptian Muslims”; Ashley Brewer, Becca Claassen, Rachel Maingu and Kelly Yoder, “Cultural Health Care of Middle-Aged Adult Oglala Lakota Native American Indians”; Georgina Chamungwana, Tom Morse, Patty Ngigi and Megan Tomoson, “Cultural Health Care of Hindu Indians”; Sade Ayodele, Amanda Ratzlaff, Laura Rowe and Tessia Sorensen, “Cultural Health Care of Luhya Kenyans”; Samuel Bankole, Kemal Bonfoh, Chelsea Hahn and Brandi Kaufman, “Cultural Health Care of Ponca Native American Indians”; Breann Beagley, Sally Thiesen and Brenna Wiebe, “Cultural Health Care of Russians”; Abi Afodunrinbi, Elyse Butcher, Luci Cain and Chelsea Corwin, “Cultural Health Care of Cherokee Native Americans”; Tina Dick, Autum Knox and Sugan Olaosebikan, “Cultural Health Care of Kikuyu Kenyans”; Allen Graham, Sarah Kearns, Ihuoma Nwoke and Geofrey Nyangweso, “Cultural Health Care of Indian Hindus”; Melissa Loveall, Judith Lusenaka and Kathy Young, “Cultural Health Care of Tanzanians”; Sara Allen, Nikki Dolce and Sarah Thompson, “Cultural Health Care of Lebanese Americans”; Victoria Charles, Vanh Kathagnarath, Andrea McMillen and Nikki Nguyen, “Cultural Health Care of Filipinos.”

Three posters by psychology students will also be on display. Sarah Buller, senior from Lenexa, first presented “Seasonal Variation in Daily Ratings of Pain and Rash of a Lupus Patient” at NCUR 2008. Becky Buchta, sophomore from Newton, and Rondell Burge, senior from Moundridge, will show the posters they took to the Sigma Xi Student Research Conference in Orlando, Fla., last fall, “Emotional and Psychological Responses to Music are Stronger than those to Lyrics Alone” and “Music-Elicited Frontal EEG Asymmetry and Pleasantness Responses are Altered in Schizophrenia,” respectively. Buchta’s poster won a conference award.

Panel Session II begins at 11 a.m., with concurrent presentations in the areas of “Abuse, Stress and Crisis Communication,” “HIV, Costa Rican Water Quality and Equatorial Penguins” and “Hostility, Amish and Theory of the Mind.”

Christine Crouse-Dick will moderate the first group, in KSC 121. From 11-11:20, Chelsea Chaffin, senior from Eudora, will present “A Study of Family History and Attitudes as Predictors of Intimate Partner Abuse.” From 11:20-11:40, Laurie Steffen, senior from Cunningham, will present “Efficacy of Imagined Dialogue Model of Written Emotional Expression as a Means for Coping with Acculturative Stress.” Her work was awarded the Outstanding Psychology Senior Seminar for 2008. From 11:40-noon, Tara Goerzen, senior from Goessel, will present “NASA’s Crisis Communication Plan Following the Explosion of the Columbia.”

The second group, moderated by Larry Friesen, will be in KSC 016. From 11-11:20, Kristin Wedel, senior from Hutchinson, will present “A Study of Barriers to Care for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS and How Case Management Should Help.” From 11:20-11:40, Michael Unruh, senior from Peabody, will present “An Analysis of Water Quality in Several Tropical Freshwater Streams in Costa Rica.” From 11:40-noon, Jordan Penner, senior from Reedley, Calif., and Jordan Bartel, sophomore from North Newton, will present “The Effect of Weather on Equatorial-Penguin Behavior.”

Paul Lewis will moderate the third group, in SH 203. From 11-11:20, José Rojas, sophomore from Newton, Aimee Siebert and Matthew N. Stucky, sophomore from Moundridge, will present “Physiological Changes Produced by Imagined Hostility or Understanding.” From 11:20-11:40, Peter Miller, senior from Partridge, will present “Souls, Cars and Division: The Amish Mission Movement of the 1950s and its Effects on the Amish Community of Partridge, Kansas.” He was the recipient of a 2007 summer research grant. From 11:40-noon, Katie Robertson, junior from Lawrence, will present “Environmental Factors’ Influence upon the Deception Task in Theory of Mind,” which she presented at NCUR 2008.

Bethel College is a four-year liberal arts college affiliated with Mennonite Church USA. Founded in 1887, it is the oldest Mennonite college in North America. Bethel is known for its academic excellence and was the highest ranked Kansas college in the national liberal arts category of U.S. News & World Report’s listing of “America’s Best Colleges” for 2008. For more information, see the Bethel Web site at

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