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“Blue Sky” helps evoke “sense of place” for Bethel board

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. – When the Bethel College Board of Directors met on campus recently, they considered a theme of physical environment or place, consistent with the Bethel marketing theme “Find your space.” Several board members, administrators and staff started their day with a visit to some public art, located close to the college, that evoked the theme and was created by two Bethel alumni.

Phil Epp, Newton, who designed the “Blue Sky” sculpture, wrote in an article for The Newton Kansan: “The tile sky motif is intended to heighten the viewer’s awareness of the changing Kansas sky.… The natural sky can be viewed behind the glazed tiles and through the sky passageway. The sun movement from east to west along the arched surface will change the color and intensity at different times of the day.”

After the visit to the sculpture, the board heard a presentation in the chapel by Robert Kreider, professor emeritus of peace studies, entitled “A sense of place.” (photo by Vada Snider).

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