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Annual butterfly count set for July 8

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. – For the seventh straight year, Kauffman Museum will sponsor a butterfly count for the benefit of the North American Butterfly Association.

Anyone can participate, whether or not you know anything about Kansas’ native butterfly population.

The 7th Harvey County Butterfly Count starts at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, July 8, at Kauffman Museum in North Newton (corner of 27th and Main Streets).

Participants may spend a half or full day on the count, and should bring a sack lunch if planning to spend the whole day. There is a charge of $3.50 per person, with $3 going to the North American Butterfly Association and 50 cents to local expenses. Children under 12 may join the count free but must be accompanied by an adult. The $3.50 fee is due at the time of the count.

Dwight Platt of North Newton, professor emeritus of biology at Bethel College, is the event organizer.

Kansas is part of the North American Butterfly Association’s Plains Region, which also includes Nebraska and Oklahoma. “Among the 14 counts in the region, we were tied for second in number of species seen, with 57,” Platt said. “We tied for third for number of observers, with 18, and we were ninth in the total number of butterflies seen.”

Platt added that he hope the Harvey County Butterfly Count can continue to maintain its good record and he urges anyone interested to participate. Don’t worry if you can’t name the butterflies, he said—every counting group will have a leader who can identify them.

For more about the Harvey County Butterfly Count, or if you plan to participate, contact Dwight Platt at 702 NE 24th St., Newton, KS 67114, (316) 283-6708 or platword@southwind.net.

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