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Mantz Library receives Interlibrary Loan Development Grant

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NORTH NEWTON, KS. -- The Mantz Library at Bethel College has received a grant from the Kansas Library Network Board, says Gail Niles Stucky, library co-director. The $4,500 grant will enable the library to purchase materials on nationalism, as well as to update and expand its collections. Having these materials locally will save time for the library’s users, says Stucky, and will also enhance the library’s contribution to the statewide interlibrary loan network.

Interlibrary Loan is a statewide cooperative service that allows library users to borrow materials from libraries across the state. To qualify for an Interlibrary Loan Development Grant, applicants agree to make materials in their collections available through ILL. Proposals are funded on the basis of their potential to improve the state interlibrary loan network.

This grant program is funded by the State of Kansas and is administered by the Kansas Library Network Board, a division of the Kansas State Library in Topeka. Forty-two libraries from across the state submitted a total of 50 ILDP proposals. The Network board approved funding for 41of the applications at its spring meeting in May.

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