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Chemistry student named outstanding major for state of Kansas

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. -- Kristopher Hiebner, Hampton, Neb., was recognized as one of five Outstanding Senior Chemistry Majors by the Wichita Section of the American Chemical Society at an awards banquet held at Emporia State University on April 14. Dr. Richard Zerger, professor of chemistry at Bethel College, nominated Hiebner, a senior chemistry major, because of "the quality of his work as a chemistry student and his potential for becoming an excellent researcher and making a significant contribution to the field of chemistry."

The Wichita Section of the ACS covers the western two-thirds of Kansas, from Emporia west to the Colorado border (excluding Kansas State University). Each year, chemistry faculty from the colleges and universities in the section may nominate a student from their respective departments, with awards determined by a committee from the section.

"It was a nice recognition from my professors, to know they thought I was good enough for this award," Hiebner said. "It was a great way to mark the achievements of the past four years."

Zerger, a 1969 graduate of Bethel College, received this award himself in the spring of his senior year. "It meant a lot to me as a senior chem major," he says. "As a result, I have been a member of the American Chemical Society for 36 years."

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