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I love the community here at Bethel. I knew I’d have great classes, but I never thought I would stumble upon a whole new family when I came to college. You can count on everyone to lend a helping hand.
Taylor McCabe-Juhnke ’12

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2nd Edition of The Missing Peace

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. -- Pandora Press recently published an updated and enlarged edition of the book, The Missing Peace: The Search for Nonviolent Alternatives in United States History. The authors are James C. Juhnke and Carol M. Hunter. Juhnke, emeritus professor of history at Bethel College, said, "The first edition came out just before the terrorist attacks of 9/11. I am pleased that the sales of the book were strong enough to justify a second edition."

The Missing Peace is a survey of main themes in United States history from the viewpoint of peace and nonviolence. The second edition includes a new chapter on the post-Cold War era. That chapter, titled "Superpower Expansionism," includes the war in Iraq. Juhnke said, "The failed war and the occupation of Iraq have illustrated a central thesis of the book. Violence begets violence. Warfare contradicts democracy and freedom."

Carol Hunter, co-author, teaches American history at Earlham College. Hunter and Juhnke wrote the book with their history students in mind. They were pleasantly surprised that The Missing Peace found a general audience, and that many Sunday School classes chose the book for discussion.

"Readers are more passionate about this book than anything else I have written," said Juhnke. "Some have given copies to government officials, to church libraries, or to friends. The book’s ‘pacifist revisionist’ themes seemed to meet a need in our time of war."

Walter Wink, Lutheran theologian and seminary teacher wrote, "This work is a timely and eye-opening corrective that helps the reader see U.S. history from a whole new perspective."

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