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MLA reprints "Nonviolent America" book

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. -- Mennonite Library and Archives at Bethel College has recently reprinted "Nonviolent America," a book edited by James Juhnke and Louise Hawkley. First published in 1993, the book resulted from a conference on "Violence and Nonviolence in American History" at Bethel College. The 20 essays in the book offer a "pacifist reinterpretation of American history," says Juhnke of North Newton. It also offers critiques of such a reinterpretation. Several essays provide theoretical perspectives on doing history while others look at specific case studies, including Native Americans, the Civil War and World War II.

The 1993 edition of the book was sold out "some time ago, but there continues to be demand for this book," says archivist John D. Thiesen, who is co-director of libraries at Bethel College. "Its message continues to be relevant. The book proposes a creative peace-oriented approach to American history."

Included in the book are essays by John Howard Yoder, Charles Chatfield and other scholars. Yoder's essay is titled "The Burden and the Discipline of Evangelical Revisionism;" Chatfield's essay is "Revisionism with a Vision."

For information, contact the Mennonite Library and Archives at (316) 284-5304.

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