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New book includes chapters by retired Bethel College history faculty

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. - A new book is out that relates to Bethel College history. It is "Shepherds, Servants and Prophets: Leadership among the Russian Mennonites (ca. 1880-1960)," edited by Harry Loewen (published by Pandora Press, co-published with Herald Press, 2003). The book is a collection of articles about 24 Russian-Mennonite leaders who had leadership in spiritual, intellectual and cultural affairs among Mennonites. The leaders were all born or lived in Mennonite settlements in Russia although many later immigrated to the United States or Canada. Two of the chapters tell about former Bethel College professors and were written by two of the college’s retired history professors who live in North Newton.

James C. Juhnke wrote a chapter on Cornelius H. Wedel (1860-1910), who was the first president of Bethel College. Keith Sprunger completed a chapter on Cornelius Krahn (1902-1990), professor of church history and German and director of the Mennonite Library at Bethel College from 1944 to 1967.

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