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Bethel College students participate in summer Ministry Inquiry Program

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NORTH NEWTON, KAN. -Bethel College students Laura Kautz, Kelley O’Reilly, Sam Schrag, and Curtis Shoup are learning about pastoral ministry this summer. Their participation in the Ministry Inquiry Program (MIP) will provide them with leadership opportunities in a host congregation where members and pastors have agreed to involve the students in a variety of pastoral ministry experiences. Laura Kautz from Leola, Pa., has accepted an assignment in her home congregation, Mellinger Mennonite Church, Lancaster, Pa., with Leon Oberholtzer and Barry Stoner as supervising pastors. Mellinger is part of Lancaster Mennonite Conference of Mennonite Church USA (MC USA).

Kelley O’Reilly from Mountain Lake, Minn., is serving at Faith Mennonite Church in Minneapolis, Minn., with pastors Patrick Preheim and Patty Jo Friesen. O’Reilly’s home congregation is Bethel Mennonite Church, Mountain Lake. Faith is part of Central Plains Mennonite Conference of MC USA.

Sam Schrag, Wichita, is at First Mennonite Church of Denver, Colo., with pastor Vern Rempel. Schrag’s home congregation is Lorraine Avenue Mennonite Church, Wichita. First Mennonite is part of Rocky Mountain Mennonite Conference of MC USA.

Curtis Shoup, Mt. Eaton, Ohio, has accepted an MIP assignment at Faith Mennonite Church, Newton, with pastors Gordon Smith and Alan Lepard. Shoup is from Longenecker Mennonite Church, Winesburg, Ohio. Faith is part of Western District Conference of MC USA.

MIP is administered jointly by Mennonite Church USA, Bethel College and the other four Mennonite colleges and universities in the United States. In most cases, funding is provided by Mennonite Church USA, area conferences, the college, the cooperating congregation as well as the student’s home congregation. Dale Schrag, Bethel College’s director of church relations, made arrangements for the Bethel College MIP participants.

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