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…Bethel has a high reputation for scholastic achievement. As long as I am able, I will continue to support my alma mater.
Jacqui-Ann Doig, R.N., ’07

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Past Bethel College News: June 2013

Canyon-land research gets students out of the classroom

Biology majors Wes Goodrich and Emily Simpson spent a week in early June participating in a government-funded environmental impact survey in Arizona near the Grand Canyon.  Read more

Historians to debate Civil War at Kauffman Museum

William Juhnke and Tom Morain from Graceland University will debate "Was the Civil War necessary?," inviting input from the audience, July 7 at Kauffman Museum starting at 2 p.m.  Read more

Student will keep spreading seeds of peace when play goes on tour

Renee Reimer will take the one-woman play, My Name is Rachel Corrie, on tour to several Mennonite churches in Kansas, California and South Dakota, as well as the Mennonite convention in Phoenix in July.  Read more

2013 Mennonite Life marks Bethel College’s 125th year

The fourth annual online issue of Mennonite Life, now live, focuses on Bethel College’s 125th-anniversary celebration (view at mennonitelife.bethelks.edu).  Read more

Essays put Mennonite mothering into scholarly as well as personal context

Bethel's Rachel Epp Buller and Kerry Fast of Toronto have compiled the first scholarly treatment of various experiences of motherhood in a Mennonite context that includes essays from two other Bethel faculty.  Read more

Wedel Series volume opens history to wider audience after 150 years

Bethel College's Wedel Series has released "The Military Service Exemption of the Mennonites in Provincial Prussia," the English translation of a groundbreaking history by Wilhelm Mannhardt.  Read more

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