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I love the community here at Bethel. I knew I’d have great classes, but I never thought I would stumble upon a whole new family when I came to college. You can count on everyone to lend a helping hand.
Taylor McCabe-Juhnke ’12

Payment Plans

The student accounts office establishes billing once a student has registered for classes. Financial aid will be credited to a full-time student’s account after the student signs and returns the financial aid award letter to the financial aid office.

The student accounts office will place holds on unpaid and past-due student accounts. Holds restrict students’ access to diplomas, certificates, grade reports, transcripts and registration for new classes.

Semester Payment Plans

Payment in full
A student can either pay in full with cash, check or a credit card (Mastercard®, Visa® or Discover®). This payment is due August 18, 2014. Download the charge form.
Deferred payment plan
Half of the semester balance is due August 16, 2014, and the remainder is due October 31, 2014. There is a $40 fee to use this payment option. Any payment received after the due date is subject to a $40 late payment fee. Download the deferred payment agreement form

Annual Payment Plan

Automatic bank draft
This is our only plan designed to pay for the entire year. After all applicable annual financial assistance is applied to the student’s annual charges (including an annual enrollment fee of $75 fee or $40 for one semester), the remaining balance is divided into nine equal installments and deducted from the designated bank account on the 5th of the month, starting in September and ending in May. Drafts will be reviewed at the start of the spring semester for changes. Bank drafts returned for insufficient funds or closed accounts will cause the student account to be assessed a $75 fee. Download the monthly debit brochure.


Failure to meet an installment that is due automatically cancels the privilege of class attendance.

No diploma, certificate, transcript, term grade report, letter of honorable dismissal or letter of recommendation will be granted to a student who has indebtedness to the college.

A student who has any indebtedness to the college will not be permitted to complete enrollment for the following term’s classes.