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Dylan Jantz

Hometown:Newton, KS
Area of Study: Chemistry and Mathmatical Sciences
Class: 2015

Why did you choose your major?
I am a double major in chemistry and mathematical sciences with a minor in computer science. In high school, I really enjoyed my chemistry classes and decided to take Chemistry I my first semester at Bethel. I loved everything about it and decided that is what I want to continue doing.
What brought you to Bethel?
My family brought me to Bethel. Both of my parents and my sister went to Bethel so I have grown up in this community and wanted to be a part of it myself.
What activities have you been involved in?
I have been involved in my campus job quite a bit. I work for tech support and audio/visual, which means I help set up and run the technology part of events around campus. I also play intramural games.
How are you different now from when you first arrived on campus?
I have branched out a lot more since my first year on campus; trying new activities, new food, meeting new people, and willing to do stuff even if I don’t have to.
What about Bethel gives you the most pride?
I am proud of Bethel for the academics on campus. Professors will go above and beyond to inspire us to get excited about learning and becoming critical thinkers, something that other colleges don’t do.
What has been your favorite course so far, and why?
My favorite course so far has been instrumental analysis during interterm of my junior year. It was one of my hardest classes I have taken so far, but I gained so much out of it. Because of how hard it was, all the people in class bonded together to get through the class. Not only did I gain chemistry knowledge, but I made several great friends from that class.
Tell a quick story about a memorable moment from your Bethel days.
During my spring semester at Bethel, I (along with Ben Carlson and Laird Goertzen) were sent an e-mail to help make sword holsters for Audra Miller and Leah Towle for the opera, Pirates of Penzance. Even though it was quite a time commitment, we decided to help with this project. We began to spend several late nights working in the FAC, and I bonded with people who I didn’t really talk with. Even though the play is over, we kept the e-mail chain going and we are almost to 1000 e-mails in this thread. We all know that if we need help with something, we can ask each other for anything and the rest of us will help them with it.
What does it mean to be a Thresher?
A Thresher is someone who is a strong critical thinker who is willing to learn, commit to things, and branch out of their comfort zone.

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