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Danica Cox

Hometown: Weskan, Kansas
Major: Nursing
Class: 2012

In January 2011, nursing student, Danica, chose to take Seminar in Cross-Cultural Learning: Haiti. (The course was timed for a year after an earthquake devastated Port-au-Prince in January 2010). During the trip, Danica started thinking about what a nursing trip to Haiti would look like, even though the course was not nursing based. The following summer, Danica returned to Haiti with a group of fellow nurses and students to do on-the-ground planning for more medical trips to Haiti. After all her planning and dedication to the idea, Danica was finally able to participate on such a trip during spring break her senior year.

What brought you to Bethel?
The Nursing program and volleyball
What made you interested in nursing?
I have always had a heart for people and for service. I wanted a profession that gave me an opportunity to work directly with people and a profession that could utilize my skills to serve others who truly need it. What better profession than nursing? You get that chance every single day.
Why were you motivated to return to Haiti after your interterm class trip?
On my first trip over interterm we spent some time touring hospitals, which I took an interest in because I was in nursing school. Seeing the facilities and the needs that were there really hit me hard and began to stir up something inside of me. I felt a strong urge to really do something to help. I began to think about ways in which I could help and immediately thought about my classmates. So I proposed the idea for a class trip to my class and instructors and had a great response.
Can you tell me about your spring break work in Haiti?
I, along with Geri Tyrell, a nursing instructor, and Laura Prahm, a fellow classmate, traveled to Hinche, a rural town located outside of Port Au Prince. We stayed with Wildy Mulatre, a former Haitian Bethel Graduate who is the administrator of the hospital in Hinche and 36 rural clinics. We worked in the hospital everyday in the post-operative Ward, where we assisted the nurses with medication administration, assessments, wound dressing changes, etc. We were able to establish relationships with the nurses and doctors who made us feel welcome immediately. We spent the week really looking at what we could do to help the hospital in the future and how we could involve the Bethel College Nursing program in this. We looked at what future nursing trips could look like and how we could best use our future groups.
Do you have any plans to return to Haiti in the future?
Not officially right now, but I definitely plan on returning! I would love to go back with future Bethel Nursing groups!
What are your plans after graduation?
I’m in the process of finding a nursing job right now and I will be taking my licensure exam soon after graduation. I am also getting married in July!
What will you miss the most about Bethel?
I will miss my nursing class and instructors the most for sure. Our class got pretty tight through the last few years and it will be sad for us to go our seperate ways here soon!

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