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Satisfactory progress in the social work major

To be considered a candidate for graduation with the Bachelor of Science in Social Work degree, you must meet the requirements for satisfactory progress in the program, including earning a minimum of a C grade in each social work course and maintaining an overall 2.5 GPA. Complete information about other satisfactory progress requirements and about program policies and procedures are set forth in the Student Handbook of the Social Work Department. Students may review the handbook at any time and will receive a personal copy when they are formally admitted to the program.

Four-year curriculum plan

Liberal Arts Foundation

Study in the liberal arts is the foundation for the social work major. During the first two years (before admission to the social work program), you should complete the general education basic communication and lower-level distribution requirements set forth for all Bethel College students in the course catalog. Upper-level general education requirements are completed in the junior or senior year.

Bio-Psychosocial Foundation

The following required courses provide a foundation in human biology and the behavioral and social sciences. They may also meet some distribution requirements for general education.

Year 1
Fall semester SWK220 Introduction to Social Work and the Social Welfare Institution (Policy I)
Spring semester ECON211 Principles of Macroeconomics
PSY211 General Psychology
Year 2
Fall semester SOSC222 Principles of Sociology
Spring semester PSY251 Life-Span Development
Above courses are prerequisites for SWK355.
MAT300 Applied Statistics (May also be taken in fall semester of 3rd year)

Elective: A minimum of one additional course in the social sciences

Social Work Courses

The following courses are offered by the social work department and are required for the major. Together they make up a total of 40 credit hours.

Pre-professional course
Fall semester SWK220 Introduction to Social Work and the Social Welfare Institution (Policy I) (May be taken year 1–3)
Year 3
Fall semester SWK310 Skills for Human Service Work
SWK355 Human Behavior in the Social Environment
Spring semester SWK312 Research Methods for Social Work
SWK360 Assessment of Human Systems (Practice I)
SWK420 Social Welfare Policy Analysis (Policy II) (May also be taken in spring semester of year 4)
Fall or spring semester SWK372 Field Experience
Interterm SWK364 Social Development and Social Justice (on campus or in Mexico)
Year 4
Fall semester SWK460 Intervention in Human Systems (Practice II)
SWK481 Pre-practice Seminar I
Spring semester SWK482 Pre-practice Seminar II (Senior Thesis)
Fall/interterm/spring SWK472 Field Instruction
Major requirements:
62 hours

For course descriptions, see the course catalog.

Social work may not be taken as a minor — instead, see the Human Services option.

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