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Call for Papers

Paper topics are welcomed from a variety of perspectives, such as social, economic, political, cultural, theological, religious, historical and gender analysis. 

Some sample questions for consideration that could be applied in specific geographic settings include:

  • How and why was the alignment of traditional Mennonite theology with Nazi ideals articulated?
  • What were historical Mennonite attitudes toward and experience with Jews in the various European states?
  • How did those historical attitudes and experiences with Jews impact involvement?
  • How did varying national settings - Dutch, German, or Soviet, for example - affect Mennonite actions?
  • What was the range and scope of Mennonite identity and how did that influence actions?
  • How did Mennonites think about who counted as Mennonite and why?
  • How did various state actors identify who was Mennonite and what was at stake in those determinations?
  • How were Mennonites represented in media and/or government reports?
  • How did Mennonites represent themselves?
  • What was the relationship between national identities and Mennonite identity?
  • How did gender impact Mennonite responses to the Holocaust?
  • What evidence is there that Mennonites resisted Nazi policies or worked to save targeted people?
  • Where and how did Mennonite business people act as suppliers to Nazi systems?
  • Were Mennonites beneficiaries of the Holocaust by taking over Jewish properties or otherwise?
  • What was Mennonite experience with or as war criminals?
  • What was Mennonite experience as members of the various militaries and Holocaust-related events?
  • How did Mennonites deal with their involvement with the German regime in the immediate postwar years?
Submit a one-page proposal that includes a title, a description of the proposed paper, and a short explanation of the stage of your research (work-in-progress, new paper, previously published), and a one- to two-page CV by September 1, 2017, to John Thiesen.

Registration and lodging costs will be covered for all presenters. Some travel subsidies will also be available.  Publication of selected conference papers is planned. 

About Bethel

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