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Ask the Reference Librarian

NOTE: If your question concerns Mennonite topics or family history, please contact the Mennonite Library and Archives/Archives of the Mennonite Church USA.

Do you have a reference question that you would like the answer to? A library related issue you would like addressed? Here is your chance. Please fill in your information and questions or comments and submit the form.

This service is intended primarily for the Bethel College community. Library staff will be happy to answer inquiries from non-affiliated users concerning the college or the collections, resources and services of the Bethel College Library. Questions from non-affiliated users will be answered as time and staff permit.

A response to your question will usually be sent within 48 hours, except on weekends and during holiday or summer breaks.

If a question requires in-depth research, you may be advised to come into the library or to make an appointment with a librarian.

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