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People at Bethel had such diverse interests and experiences…. But when they were at Bethel, they worked at things that made them more alike than different.
Cynthia Doyle Perkins ’77

Support the Mennonite Library and Archives

The Friends of the MLA is an informal organization begun in 1999 to bring greater interest and attention to the MLA in the local area and to promote Mennonite studies in general for the central Kansas audience. Two or three times per school year, we have public lectures and presentations sponsored by the Friends. We have covered numerous topics, from Mennonite literature to Cheyenne and Arapaho Mennonites, and have had speakers from as far away as Ukraine and Poland. Members of the group also receive the MLA newsletter Gleanings from the Threshing Floor.

Membership in the Friends of the MLA is $25 per year. Checks can be made out to Bethel College and sent to Mennonite Library and Archives, Bethel College, 300 East 27th Street, North Newton, KS 67117.