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Photograph Usage Policy

Photographs do not circulate. They may be used only in the library.

The Mennonite Library and Archives does not necessarily hold the copyright to all of the photographs in our collection. It is the responsibility of the photograph user to obtain any necessary permissions.

Reproduction of photographs: Photographs may be photocopied. The Mennonite Library and Archives can also arrange to have a copy print made of a photograph. For many photographs in the collection, we do not have a negative. In such cases, it is necessary to have a copy negative made before a copy print can be made.

We provide photographs and other images for reproduction in publications, films, web sites, and other public presentations. Use of images held in our collections requires written permission and the payment of an image use fee. (See table below.) Credit lines will be included with the letter of permission. We also require the donation of a copy of any publication or video using one of our images.

Non-profit and news organizations Commercial organizations
Print publication (book, journal, pamphlet, etc.) $15 $50
Print publication—cover image surcharge $10 $25
Display or exhibit $15 $50
Film / documentary $50 $100
Television - Local market $50 $100
Television - National market $75 $200
Web site (low resolution only) $50 $100
Film footage Negotiation required Negotiation required
Advertising or merchandise Negotiation required
fees start at $75
Negotiation required
fees start at $200