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People at Bethel had such diverse interests and experiences…. But when they were at Bethel, they worked at things that made them more alike than different.
Cynthia Doyle Perkins ’77

MLA Publications

Mennonite Life
From 1946 to 1999, Mennonite Life was published in paper form (back issues available). Starting with the March 2000 issue, it became a free, online-only journal. Since 2010, Mennonite Life has been published online once a year, in the summer.
C. H. Wedel Series
The Cornelius H. Wedel Historical Series was initiated by the Mennonite Library and Archives at Bethel College as part of the college centennial celebration in 1987. Cornelius H. Wedel, the first president of Bethel College from the beginning of classes in 1893 until his death in 1910, was an early scholar of Mennonite studies.
Gleanings from the Threshing Floor

MLA newsletter, issued irregularly, usually once or twice a year

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