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Maybe their Bethel experience helped them leave with open eyes, and then when they had a chance to look around, they said, I can make the world a better place.
Allen Jantz, ’84

Mennonite Library and Archives

The Mennonite Library and Archives (MLA) is operated by Bethel College with support from Mennonite Church USA. The purpose of the MLA is to help people answer questions about the Mennonite past. To do this, the MLA collects, preserves, and makes available personal papers, documents, periodicals, books and other media related to Mennonite studies. The MLA serves as the official archives of Bethel College and Western District Conference and as a research center promoting the study of Anabaptist and Mennonite history. The MLA is open to the public.

The MLA has in its holdings about 30,000 books, 8,200 volumes of bound periodicals, and approximately 6,100 cubic feet of archival records. In addition, there are large collections of audio and video recordings, microforms, photographs, motion pictures, maps and other items.

The MLA operates on a very tight budget, as do most historical organizations. We would be glad for any monetary donation you might be able to give us toward the work of preserving Mennonite collective memory.


The Mennonite Library and Archives is located in the Bethel College library building. We are on the main floor of the old side (east side) of the building.

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There are a number of lodging options in the Newton area and beyond within close proximity of the Bethel College campus. Here is a full listing of hotel options, along with contact information.