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Butler Articulation Agreement

Bethel assures the acceptance of any Butler Associate of Arts and Associate of Science Degree for junior standing in a Baccalaureate program with the following provisions. Successfully completing the following will satisfy the Bethel College Competencies (writing, oral, mathematics) and general education distribution requirements in arts and humanities, sciences and mathematics, and social sciences.

Bethel will accept up to twelve hours in Competencies courses including:

  • Writing: a grade of “B” or better in:
    • EN 102 English Composition II
  • Oral: a grade of “C” or better in one of the following:
    • SP 100 Public Speaking
    • SP 102 Interpersonal Communication
  • Mathematics: A grade of “C” or better in one of the following:
    • MA 201 Intermediate Algebra with Review
    • MA 125 Intermediate Algebra
    • MA 131 College Algebra with Review
    • MA 135 College Algebra

Bethel will accept 27 hours in Distribution courses including:

  • Nine hours from two different divisions of Arts and Humanities selected from the following courses:
    • AR 100 Art Appreciation
    • AR 110 Fundamentals of Art
    • Art studio courses including jewelry, stained glass, drawing, printmaking or ceramics
    • HU 100 Humanities: Ancient to Medieval
    • HU 101 Humanities: Renaissance to Modern
    • HU 110 Humanities Through the Ages
    • LT 210 Introduction to Literature
    • LT 211 British Literature I: Origins to 1784
    • LT 212 British Literature II: 1784 to Present
    • LT 215 American Literature I: Colonial to 1865
    • LT 216 American Literature II: 1865 to Present
    • LT 218 Shakespeare
    • MC 100 Photography I
    • MC 101 Photography II
    • MU 100 Music Appreciation
    • Music Ensembles (including Chamber Singers, Vocal Ensembles, Band, Chorus, Jazz)
    • MU 221 Music History I
    • MU 222 Music History II
    • PL 290 Philosophy I
    • PL 291 Ethics
    • RS 190 New Testament
    • RS 190 New Testament
    • RS 210 Comparative Religion
    • TA 206 Introduction to Theater Arts
  • Nine hours from two different divisions of Science and Mathematics selected from the following courses:
    • BI 106 Critical Concepts in Biology
    • BI 110 General Biology
    • BI 120 Majors Biology I (Animals)
    • BI 130 Majors Biology II (Plants)
    • BI 250 Microbiology
    • CH 105 Basic Chemistry
    • CH 110 College Chemistry I
    • CH 115 College Chemistry II
    • MA 148 Calculus with Applications
    • MA 151 Calculus I with Analytic Geometry
    • PH 103 Descriptive Astronomy
    • PH 130 Basic Physics
    • PH 143 General Physics I
    • PH 144 General Physics II
    • PS 100 General Physical Science
    • PS 102 Physical Geology
  • Nine hours from two different divisions of Social Sciences selected from the following courses:
    • BS 103 Human Sexuality
    • BS 105 Sociology
    • BS 106 Anthropology
    • BS 160 General Psychology
    • EC 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
    • HI 121 History of Western Civilization I
    • HI 122 History of Western Civilization II
    • HI 131 US History I
    • HI 132 US History II
    • HI 201 History of World Civilization I
    • HI 202 History of World Civilization II
    • PO 141 American Federal Government

Core Requirements

All students who seek to earn a degree from Bethel College are required to complete a course that satisfied the Cross Cultural Learning requirement, a course that satisfied the Peace, Justice and Conflict requirement and to attend Convocation. Additionally, all seniors are required to take the Bethel College course BRL457: Basic Issues of Faith and Life.

Foreign Language Requirements

Foreign language requirements are viewed as graduation requirements and not as general education. Eight hours of foreign language must be completed to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree. Credits can be taken at Bethel or transferred from another institution as well as can be credited through testing at Bethel for competency.

About Bethel

As the first Mennonite college founded in North America, Bethel College celebrates a tradition of progressive Christian liberal arts education, diversity within community, and lifelong learning.